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Here is my opinion on the subject mentioned in the article below…

” It all depends on HOW the Indian tanks are to be used. HOW MANY are there Indian made tanks and HOW EXPENSIVE they are. How many tank CREWS can be prepared to man ALL KINDS of tanks….

Let us take the example of Russian-German war. In a way it was a tank war.

By mid sunmmer of 1943 it became clear enough that T-34-76 ( with 76 mm gun) is no match to new German “Tigers” and “Panteras” as these were much heavier tanks with thick armour and “Tiger” could burn Russian T-34-76 from the distance 2000 meters wheras T-34-76 could do it only from 500 meters and from the sides armour only as the front armour plate was too thick.

T-34-76 that was a formidable new tank for Germans in summer of 1941. But we had only 800 of them in June 1941 and the first T-34-76 TANK battalions were used against German tanks divisions only in October 1941. Yet the same tank became an easy prey for German heavy tanks by July 1943.

Soviet loss in tanks and tank crews was much more than German one. Russian tank Generals demanded from Stalin a more protected tank with a more powerful gun. Such tank appeared on the front only in the spring 1944. That was T-34-85 ( with heavier armour and 85 mm gun). The new tank still was weaker then Panther and Tiger but they were produced much more than expensive “Tiger”. And the number of tanks on the battle field was very important. “Tigers” could not everywhere at 2000 km. front line.

What is amazing that the Soviet Union was also producing much lighter ( 9-10 tons only) tanks T-70 with anti-bullets armour and 45 mm gun from 1942 to the end of 1943. That light tank in a tank battle was called ” a moving grave” as it could be hit by any Gernan gun including 37 mm gun. Yet small is size with two AUTOMOBILE motors it was almost noiseleess in comparison with diesel T-34-76 and could be used for support of the infantry, espesially in surprize attacks as it could approah the enemy line at night almost without noise.

Paradoxically but the loss of tanks that cannot be repaired was less in T-70s than in T-34-76. The light arnour made is almost helpless agains any artillery or a tank gun but the small size ( 2 memebers crew) its speed and the ability to change the direction of movemet too fast made it more hard for Germans to hit it from a big distance. This tank demanded a clever and experienced commander. There was a curius battle case when 6 T-34-76 and 2 British tanks in attack were hit and could not destroy a German target but ONE T-70 did it alone and was intact… In 1943 in the well known “Prokhorovka” tank battle the 29th Tanks corps ( 122 tanks out of them 22% were T-70) had in a few hours of the battle 74% loss of self propelled 76 mm guns, 60% non reparable T-34-76 and only 40% of defenseless in such a fierce tank battle loss of T-70. Yet in June 1942 the first batch of T-70s ( 30 tanks) was annihilated by Germans just in 9 days…. Light tanks can fight only along with main battle tanks. Otherwise they will be burnt wery fast. Totally more than 8000 T-70 were produced. T -34-78 were produced 84 000 and T-34-85 – 26 000. Totally 110 00 main battle tanks. That number was much more than Germans could produce. That was a decisive factor..

What I am driving at ? If in a battle top class tanks take part than even oudated models of tanks in the same battle are not uselees if these are not as expensive as imported modern tanks. Of course the loss of such tanks and tank crews will be much more but in the battle the outcome is the main crtiteria – who won in the battle. In a big war the loss of tanks and people is inevitable but in a big war the main task is to defeat the enemy complitly.

Sergey V. Stroev


Russian light tank T – 70 captured be the Germans in 1942. Very small, 9 tons only


Russian main battle tank T-34-85.


Russian heavy tank armed with 122 mm caliber gun in German capital – Berlin

Сергей Всеволодович Строев

14 December, 2016


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