This is my  comment to the article, published at   “FOREIGN POLICY”

The article is aimed at keeping Russia and USA as eternal enemies. Because Russia is depicted as always an”agressor” and the USA with its 10 aircraft carriers striking grups and hundred of military bases around the globe is “no doubt” ,”shaanti ka kabuutar  ( a Dove of Peace) =)

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“Of course,George Kennan ( 1904 – 2005) lived for 101 years and he was well known as an American diplomat and historian. He was known best as an advocate of a policy of “containment of Soviet expansion” during the Cold War on which he later reversed himself. To no avail.

Less people know that his role was not small in advocating American military help to the USSR against Hitller during the dramatic second half of 1941 and he was not an advocate of Harry Truman’s views that ” let Germans and Russians kill each other and the more they kill each other – the better”. So he had some unofficial respect in the USSR despite his ” containment theory”. Besides, this policy was offered to America a year earlier, by the Russian eternal hater – ex-PM Chirchil.

Yet the atricle is written as if the late Kennan were still alive. Though he is no more for almost 12 years. HOW can he ” advise” to Trump ? Kennan died 3 years before the economic crysis of 2008 that dictates changes in both Russian and American policies. The article is a bull shit… Becase of too many “anti Soviet” cliches. Is USSR also alive ?

When the author writes about ” Russian aggression in Latin America” – that is just a laughing stock… When he writes about the ” Russian agression in Ukraine”, I wish I could ask the author – “Was the North federal army commiting an act of AGRESSION against the peace loving Confederation of the Southern States or it was a Civil war ???

The same applies to Russia and Ukraine that 25 years ago were ONE country and inlike 3 small Balic States, Ukraine NEVER was an independant state even for short 20 years as the Baltics states due to occupation by the German Army in 1916-1918 and the Soviet Russia, for the sake of its own survaival in the Civil war, had to agree with ” the status quo”, loosing its authority over Balic terrotories that were BOUGHT by the Russian Zars and later were a part of the Russian Empire for about 300 years.  That was natural at those times and if we think that buying territories through the deals have no legal value today than we must avoid double standards and we must recognise that buying by the USA of Alaska also belongs to the same barbarian legal practice of the past and must be deemed as legally void. Buying Baltic States is legally void and buying Alaska ALSO is legally void. Or both are old but legally valid deals. A uniform approach. The Law as such does not allow to ” choose” – that deal is void because i like this  but the same type of a deal relating to me, is NOT void as I like it to be legally valid. If the approach is based on likes or dislikes – there is no Law as such. If there is no Law – the alternative is a war.

But that does not apply to Ukraine. It was a Russian Centre from the X century. And after Mongol destruction of its capital Kiev it was lying in ruins a long time as the Centre moved to the North – first to Vladimir city and later to Moscow city. The old Russian territory around its ancient Capital of CONFEDERATION of princely smaller states – all of them belonging to the same Dynasty – was occupied by Poland and simetimes by Turks. Local Cossacs either waged war with both occupiers but sometimes they allied with one enemy aganst the other. When this policy of constant treachery of allies-occupiers came to a dead end – the Cossacs – Orthodox Christians, unlike Catholics from Poland and Muslims from Turkie, decided to  reintegrate with people of one Faith and almost one language – with Northern Russians in 1653. “Ukraine” was reintegrated with Russia for 350 years without interruption. This took place well before the British Raj in India.

After the WWII – Ukrainian elites constituted in Soviet times more than half of the elites of the united Soviet State… Between 1953 and 1991 two USSR leaders ( by their passports with their ethnicity written down there ) – these were UKRAINIANS – Khruschev for 11 years and Brezhnev for 18 years – totally 30 years in 46 years after the WW II. These Ukrainians ruled over the huge Soviet Union and not over their home povince – Ukraine. That demanded the skill, the experience and …the responsibility in ruling the huge nuclear superpower. That feature was absent and not necessary for the art of a State rule over a big but still a province of the ex-superpower. The lack of skill and of the responsibility were gradually revealed in 1992-2014. After 2014 coup d’etat it became evident. That is why Ukrainian ” independant” statehood is visibly FAILING. And millions of citizens of ex- Soviet Uktaine, who were more prosperous than most people in ex- Soviet Russian Federation before 1991, are doomed today to poverty amd misery.

On the painting above – “Agression” of American FEDERALISTS – northerers – against southern Confederates. Or a Civil War ? As Confederates were declared as ” rebels” …

On other photos below just a reverse situation . People of South- East of Ukraine demanded FEDERAL set up and regional two languiges official equality – of Russian and of Ukrainian Languages. Unlike the constitutional set up like in India – FEDERATION and LINGUISTIC STATES, the future ” rebels” received a ” Sri Lankan answer ” by the 1978 constitution of that small neighbour of Insia . The answer was – ” NO FEDERATION. ONLY ONE OFFICIAL UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE “.

( Like in Sri Lanka – the ony one official Sinhala language in a Unitary state , in Ukraine – only Unitary state and only ONE official Ukrainian language. Though half of the whole Ukrainian population speaks Russian ( in big cities, depending on the region – from 50% to 90% ) and in Donbass region ( that rebelled) – about 80% in a region and in allegidly ” annexed” Crimea, that was unlawfully “gifted” from Russian Federation to Ukaraine in 1953 by Khruschov – 97% speak Russia, if we exclude Crimean Tartars – about 9%. But for them ( of Turk language grup ) even slavonic  Ukrainian Language is much less understandable than Russian as they returned to Crimea 25 yeras ago from Central Asia where they spoke own language, one of the local languages and a link-language between all different non Rusians and Russians as well – the Russian language.

Should we be surprised that after receiving such a “Tamil answer”, the citizens of Donbass also self-proclaimed two regions as “independent” ( in Sri lanka also only two regions were declared “independant” – Northern and East Tamil populated provinces ). As a resuli there was MILITARY answer from the Centre. Both – in Sri lanka and in Ukralne that in both cases resulied in a civil war that lasted in Sri Lanka about 25 years and in Donbass it is still two year and a half long. But no end of the war is visible…

Was India ” an aggressor” in Sri lanka only because 70 million Tamils live across the border with Sri lanka ? And at the beginning of civil war dropped humanitarian help ( from planes) to citizens of beseiged Jaffna ? Are Russians ” agressors” only because 120 million Russians live across the border and some VOLONTEERS went from Russia to stop ” katle aam” – massacre of civilians by artillerty fire on peaceful Donbass cities ?

NOW after so many civilians and ” rebels” already killed – NOW the Donbass population says NO to any State link with killing them Ukrainian State and the idea of FEDERATION is totally over. As it was killed by the Ukrainian State in the civil war in summer of 2014. Russia does not want to reintrgrate Donbass into Russia and Donbass just cannot be reintegrated into Ukrainian State, as for them Kiev authorities are ENEMIES. Though Russian goverment pushes them to that side. To a false “peace”. But to no avail as yet.

The two republics continue the struggle. Inlike Ukraine there was NO mobilisation but two army corps have already been formed and may be in future there will be more. Even many young women volonteer for the Donbass army. ( You can see some on photos, but may be some are already killed… many beautiful and very young girls in a military uniform were killed in 2014-2015)

Donbass warriors say NOW that THEY ARE the real Ukraine and are dreaming to take the capital Kiev as in the last picture-fanatasy  to the text.






Americans under Obama Administration were against Federalists in Ukraine and supported nationalist Unionists with blue and yellow flag. Under Tramp ? We shall see that soon.


The times of resistance with light arms only is over. The tanks are moving to the Line of Control in Donbass.


Only those who serve in the Donbass Army have the right to wear that “jhanda” – shevron/



In a sign of solidaruty mein do saal ke dauran bilkul aisa unform pahankar kisi bhi sammelan me bhaag leta tha. Mere ” purane” account me aap meri tasveer agar dekhiye to yeh ” kapra” naazar aaega =) Use ruus sanik 2014 se istemaal karte hain.


The dream of Donbass warriors. Tanks under this jhanda Ukrainian rajdhaani aa gaye our citi road sign cross karke unhon ne likha neeche – ” Ruusi naagar”.

Sean Trimurti. 23 December 2016.